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Introducing Allen and Andrea’s third book in the Startup 101 series


Trail Blazers - Ten Amazing Stories of Ordinary People Starting Extraordinary Business”. 


If you have ever dreamed of being an entrepreneur, of being successful on your terms while pursing your dreams then Trail Blazers is a must read.  We take you from initial ideas to success and beyond, you will begin to understand why some people succeed where others fail.  Follow their path and you too can blaze a trail for others to follow.       

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Allen is a Veteran of Coast Guard Aviation having served as a helicopter air crewman aboard the Sikorsky HH-3F rescue helicopter flying Search and Rescue missions out of Clearwater FL. 

  Clearwater was the busiest Coast Guard air station in the United States and Allen earned numerous life-saving accommodations during his four year tour.   After leaving the Coast Guard he returned to Texas and accepted a position with IBM, leaving IBM in the mid-90s he and his wife Andrea launched their first business Argus Connection Inc. a Technology Services Company that quickly grew into a Multi-million dollar corporation. They sold Argus in 2009 and took time off to write a book about their experience "Startup 101 The Roadmap"   In 2015 they started Argus Rising LLC an LE/FR Drone Training Company. They sold Argus Rising in 2018 and wrote their second book "Startup 101 Drones".  They have just completed a third book in the Startup 101 Literary Series - "Startup 101 Trail Blazers - Ten Amazing Stories of Ordinary People Starting Extraordinary Businesses”.  All three books are available on Amazon.


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After spending 4 years in the US Coast Guard stationed at CGAS Clearwater, FL and 14 years with IBM, my wife Andrea and I launched our first business Argus Connection, a Technology Services Company that quickly grew into a multi-million-dollar corporation. We sold Argus Connection in 2009 and took time off to write a book about our experience as an entrepreneur "Startup 101 The Roadmap" available on Amazon.

In 2015 we started Argus Rising, an LE/FR Drone Training Company. Since that time, we have been training Individuals, Law Enforcement and Fire and Rescue personnel across the nation. We sold Argus Rising in 2018 and completed our second book "Startup 101 Drones" available on Amazon.

We just completed our third book "Startup 101 Trail-Blazers" which will focus on individual real-life stories of people that elected to leave Corporate America and start their own successful business.

Join us and our Trail Blazers on an amazing journey that will forever change your life and how you view the world, it is one of life’s greatest adventures. 



Startup 101 - The Roadmap: 

This book is a wonderful mix of sound advice given in a variety of ways. Allen and Andrea open up their world and share personal steps to success as well as crucial pitfalls to avoid. I will be giving this book to each of my sons, all currently in college studying business. Entrepreneurial or not? Not sure? Read this book, it will definitely motivate and provide insight into owning your own business and living your dream.


The Roadmap is written from the perspective of someone who truly wants to share their experiences with those of us who aspire to start our own business. It's a very candid look at the peaks and valleys one must be prepared to endure. Provides further evidence that bottom line profits start with happy and productive employees.


Startup 101 - Drones:

The drone business is already very competitive. I want to gain every advantage possible. Starting with this book! If you are or, want to be a Drone Entrepreneur then this is the book for you. I own my own business and know how difficult it is to get through the startup phase, I have added Drones to my business portfolio and have found Drone Start-up 101 to be filled with invaluable ideas.

Extraordinary business book with numerous start-up ideas simply defined. If you have ever dreamed of owning your own company and are serious about starting your own business ‘Drone Start-Up 101” is a must read!


Startup 101 - Trail Blazers:

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